​​Walking to confidence offers:

​​​​One to one walking coaching

  • to build you up in confidence in coast, country and/or moorland walks  at the same time as lifting your spirits and clearing unwanted thoughts.
  • Confidence in basic map reading
  • Get the most out of your area - ideas for further walks specifically designed for your preferences, if you want to walk alone
  • Tools to help you take steps in the "right direction" in your life
  • ​​​Individual prices for personal walk leading and coaching vary from £25 per session dependent on time and content.  This includes walk planning and leading,  advice and guidance on the benefits of the natural environment, finding out your walking environment preferences, what makes you tick/your aims/goals/strengths and future planning.  Initial contact will define the walk requirements/preferences and we discuss what you want to gain from the walking/coaching and plan accordingly. These are very individual packages so think about what you want to achieve before contacting me so I can ensure we produce a beneficial session. A programme of sessions  can also be arranged if tis is thought to be most beneficial - a package deal can be agreed in this situation.

Walkingtoconfidence isn't just about walking for exercise, we appreciate our surroundings, take space to feel free, meet challenges together and build solid wonderful experiences to lead you to have courage and increased confidence in yourself.  

Are you looking for a personalised service, fitted around your walk preferences and personal needs?

​Are you looking to break free from the past by setting a positive direction for your future?

Do you want to "get out there" but need encouragement to do so?

​Do you want to focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses?