Supporting More Positive Me

Contact me to plan your walk or fill in the contact form,  using the button below, to join my newsletter with planned group walks and other useful information.  Walks start from £5 for a  half day and £10 for a full day.  Charges are higher for individual coaching sessions  - see "services" page for more info.

Empowerment after domestic abuse

Discover and release the inner you!

Looking for a new lease of life and direction, someone to help you clarify your thoughts?   Now here is a service offering to help you find confidence in a natural environment through walking.  Do you need someone to talk to but don't fancy counselling?  Or do you like the thought of talking to someone while walking out in nature?  Life can be challenging at times overwhelming especially for single women and men,  Walking to confidence provides an opportunity to explore alternative ways forward without drugs or judgement.  If you are suffering from stress, no need to wait for your doctor to prescribe exercise - just contact Katie!

Longer walks finding new places and allowing more time for reflection.

Experiences by water for peace and calm

Country walks give colourful beauty

Gain confidence

Reacquaint yourself with nature with a personal guide, experienced and reliable.

Take time for yourself and enjoy what nature gives freely to feel calmer, clearer and more relaxed.

Benefits include:

  • A clear head... helping you to solve any problems
  • Feeling energised... to improve your feelings of self-contentment and satisfaction .
  • Proven to lift your spirits... walking is a fantastic form of exercise and provides you with valuable time to relax and ponder
  • Simply having fun... enjoy leisurely walks and make new friends – mud optional (though very likely!)

An organisation that may be of interest for those needing a boost/direction for change

"More positive me" run courses in self care and pattern changing to help you change the habits that are preventing you from enjoying the life you deserve.  You can see all they have to offer by clicking their logo here:

For those of you just wanting a walk with someone who can read a map, I am happy to do that without any coaching. With most walks, we are likely to deviate from the route when the public footpaths have  moved or no longer exist!  This is where the confidence in map reading comes in and I can help with that. The walks are fun and interactive with lots of opportunities for taking beautiful photos of our lovely countryside (and a few selfies to prove to your pals that YOU did it)